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    Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

    Post  Akira on Sat May 02, 2009 7:27 pm

    Basic Rules:

    #1 Rule
    Be Respectful towards other members

    No Bashing
    This means:
    No bashing people. (This includes any single person and or group/race of people)
    No bashing other sites. (If you don't like the site, then why mention it?)

    No Spamming

    No Fighting
    Don’t fight with other members, and definitely don’t start fights with the staff. Seriously, it’s not worth it and no one will end up happy, least of all you. Any problems you have can be solved with calm and polite conversation.

    No Flaming/Flame Baiting
    Flaming is attacking someone. Very simple, if you're respectful and don't get into fights, you won't need to worry about it.
    Flame Baiting is making statements that try to get them to respond back at you with derogatory statements. It's punished just as severely as flaming itself.

    No Porn / Hentai
    Absolutely no porn / hentai links, images or downloads. Any such posts will be modified/deleted accordingly and you will be hearing from one of the staff. Depending on the severity of the offense it may result in a ban.

    No Duplicate Accounts

    No Advertising Links

    Forum Etiquette Guidelines:
    Post Smart. Remember to make your posts thoughtful and have respect for other people's opinions. If we feel that you are deliberately looking to start trouble or to annoy people, don't expect either your thread or posts to last very long. Remember to argue the topic, not the person.

    Final Rule: Have fun and enjoy yourself.

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